• Sery Kim

Lunch celebrating Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary

Lunch celebrating Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary

Yesterday I had a lovely opportunity to celebrate my friend (and yours) Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary. Today is her last day serving President Trump in, what I believe is the absolute hardest staffing job, the current Administration so it was nice to just see her before she heads home to Arkansas.

Little known fact: she and I have actually known each other since 2008 when I spent two months working for her father's 2008 presidential campaign. The family has been great at keeping in touch and I think it's important for y'all to know: they are exactly the same before fame as after. Humble, kind and an amazing memory for faces/names/people's life stories.

During the 2008 race, I learned an incredible amount, not only regarding what it is like to be at the center of the proverbial storm when your presidential candidate catches fire -- I was the general counsel in Iowa during the all-important Iowa Caucus and then staffed press operations in South Carolina -- but also how important it is to remain genuine and genuinely committed to your values. Sarah is exactly the same person I met 11 years ago ... just a little bit more famous now than then!

I wish her, her husband Bryan (who I also got to know during the 2008 campaign when he and I were both staffer), her three gorgeous kids and her entire extended family best wishes as they move home. I know Sarah will be an incredible Governor of Arkansas herself ... and maybe one day President of the United States! She'll have my vote for sure!

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