• Sery Kim

MavPac 2019 Future 40 selection

Today I was selected for a big honor and am super excited to share the news!  Maverick PAC, an organization which spends more than $180,000 a cycle to elect business-oriented Republicans to federal office, selected me as one of the 2019 Future 40!!  This is such an honor and I look forward to being in NYC next week to receive my award!

Be sure to read more about this award and organization through this link

Also, you can read my Maverick PAC bio here.

Hundreds of nominations were submitted by MavPAC members from across the country for this year’s Future 40, making 2019 a very competitive class,” said MavPAC National Chairman Fritz Brogan. “This year’s Future 40 is a very accomplished group of individuals, who are already making a major impact in their respective industries. They are recognized for their current efforts, but also for the promise they show toward becoming the next generation of leaders.”

The 2019 Future 40 honorees are leading professionals in a variety of industries including oil and gas, energy, finance, technology, law, communications, and politics to name a few. The Future 40 honorees will be recognized next week at the Mavericks Conference. The conference, Maverick PAC’s annual gathering of hundreds of conservative young professionals from across the county, provides the opportunity to engage with, and hear from top leaders in business, government and politics and to discuss the important business and policy issues of today in an effort to cultivate a greater tomorrow.


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