• Sery Kim

Thank you Fox Business AM for a "spirited" discussion this morning!

I was as always, very honored to be asked back on Fox Business AM -- particularly since I have been on vacation in Patagonia at Patagonia Camp for a week and completely MIA. Delving back into the news and into the good fight, always brightens my day!

You can watch two clips on my YouTube Channel. First, co-host Cheryl Casone, a Democratic Strategist and I discuss Vice President Biden's continued problems in the 2020 presidential race. I break down how the former VP has a "tri-fold problem." Link here:

Second, I've never had someone on T.V. cross-talk over my time (shocking, I know) so my instinct (as in real life) is not to let anyone box me in. You can watch me push back here: I was so pleased Cheryl said our segment was "spirited!" Good t.v. means more bookings!

Thank you, as always for your continued support!


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