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TRT World Part 3 of 3: G20 analysis

On Friday, June 28th, I was the Republican Strategist for TRT World providing live, real-time commentary on President Trump's meetings and action in Osaka, Japan. I did four hits over four hours. The longest block you can find here:

G20:  June 28, 2019 live Saudi Arabia meeting -->  3:30 YouTube Link:

Fast forward the YouTube video link to 3:30 where I preview what President Trump and Prince Mohammed Bin Salman ("MBS"), Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, will speak about.  The live segment went for a full 5 minutes until the end of the video at 8:32 pm.  

G20:  June 28, 2019 live China meeting --> 

2:55 YouTube Link:

Fast forward to 2:55 pm to hear me preview what President Trump and President Xi of China will speak about.  I correctly predicted a deal would be done, also a second time later last night, but I don't yet have the video link.

G20:  June 28, 2019 live President Trump thought-process at G20 -->

1:22 YouTube Link:

I did an earlier segment (literally 20 minutes early, no video link available) where I said President Trump wants two things at the G20:  (1) results and (2) "relationships."  The first 1 minute and 21 seconds of the YouTube link above records President Donald Trump’s remarks opening his G20 one-on-one session with Saudi Arabia.  They are included to evidence my extremely correct analysis at the top of the 7 pm hour (video link to come) that President Trump cares the most about “relationships.”  

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